About Us

The Association of British Commuters is a grassroots network of passengers campaigning for justice and equality in public transport.

We’ve acted as an independent watchdog for commuters since 2016 – seeking fundamental changes to government transport policy that put passengers first, instead of the interests of private companies. Our goal is the radical reform of the entire public transport system – to support economic, social and climate justice in every part of the UK.

In an era of rapid climate change and escalating transport poverty, only radical reform under public ownership will enable the ambitious policies needed for an affordable, fair and integrated transport system.

Our Funding:

From 2016 to 2021 we received a total of £79,000 funding – including £56,000 in passenger donations and £23,000 in grants from the Foundation for Integrated Transport

£50,000 of this amount was spent on our 2017 court case against the Department for Transport, and the remaining £29,000 has funded our campaigns and investigations in other areas of transport justice.

The Association of British Commuters operates on a fully independent and voluntary basis.

For more information: contact@abcommuters.com


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